Dietary Supplements


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Carlsbad Tech® provides private label Dietary Supplement opportunities for clients all around the world right from our facility in Carlsbad, San Diego and through our partners at Yung Shin LTD. We comply with the highest Quality Assurance standards, exceeding Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as required by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We also offer industry insight to review and advise on product labels, ingredients, and regulatory compliance. We will work with you to ensure that your product is formulated correctly and efficiently, tested to you specifications, and properly released for commercial or non-commercial use.


*For Dietary Supplement Private Label opportunities, please contact Carlsbad Tech here.

Product NameDosage FormPackagingOrigin
Fish Oil DHA Softgel90's/P.BTaiwan
Ginkgo Tablet180's/P.BTaiwan
GABA Softgel90's/P.BTaiwan
LiqLuteinII Capsule120's/P.B
BBLutein Capsule90's/P.B
Natolin Q10 Capsule90's/P.B
Fish Oil EPA Softgel90's/P.BTaiwan
HAC Antrodia Cinnamomea Capsule60’s/P.BTaiwan
HAC Curcumin Capsule90’s/P.BTaiwan
B Complex + Zn Tablet90's/P.BTaiwan
B Complex + Fe Tablet90's/P.BTaiwan
Complex Pellet Capsule90’s/P.BTaiwan
Purified EGCG 90% Capsule90's/P.B
Chitosan Capsule90's/P.BTaiwan
HAC Glucosamine MSM Tablet120's/P.BTaiwan
HAC Calcium Citrate Tablet120's/P.BTaiwan
HAC Shark Cartilage Capsule120's/P.BTaiwan
HAC Pumpkin Seed Capsule100’s/P.B
Soy Isoflavone Tablet120’s/P.B
Rose Borage Liquid Capsule90's/P.BTaiwan
Cranberry Capsule90's/P.BTaiwan
Grape Capsule90's/P.BTaiwan
Folic acid Tablet60’s/P.BTaiwan
Multi-Vitamin Softgel100's/P.B
HAC Grape Seed C lozengeLozenge120's/P.BTaiwan


DISCLAIMER*: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Customer would need to individually evaluate the statements

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