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Bridging Asia and the Americas with innovative health products through manufacturing, distribution, and advisory.


Delivering the best products to improve quality of life and enhance human health.


  • *Integrity
  • *Quality
  • *Innovation
  • *Technical Expertise

cGMP Quality Systems

All employees at Carlsbad Tech® receive extensive cGMP training. From incoming inspection of raw materials (active ingredients, excipients, and packaging materials) to manufacturing of tablets and capsules through packaging to on-time-delivery, our Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) teams thoroughly monitor and inspect each lot of product. For products manufactured in other cGMP facilities affiliated with Carlsbad, Carlsbad’s QA team is involved and regularly audits affiliated facilities.

FDA Compliance

Carlsbad goes above and beyond when it comes to complying with FDA regulations. Carlsbad Tech® currently retains a former FDA investigator as a consultant to guide the company in the implementation of its cGMP quality systems and risk management. The six main quality system inspection techniques practiced by Carlsbad include: Quality Systems, Production Systems, Facilities & Equipment Systems, Laboratory Controls Systems, Material Systems and Packaging & Labeling Systems.

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