Generic Drugs


Carlsbad Tech® entered the U.S. generic pharmaceutical market in 1990, beginning as a contract manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals and has become an industry leader in manufacturing and distribution, with our facilities being granted cGMP validation in 1998. The company’s first ANDA was approved in 1998 for Diclofenac Sodium Delayed Release Tablets. All of Carlsbad Tech’s procedures comply with the highest Quality Assurance standards, exceeding Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as required by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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Product NameStrengthPackaging SizeNDCBottle Per CaseProduct InsertDrug InfoAllergy InfoImage
Acyclovir Capsules200 mg100 s61442-114-0112pdfiepdfimage
200 mg500 s61442-114-0512pdfiepdfimage
Acyclovir Tablets400 mg100 s61442-112-0124pdfiepdfimage
400 mg500 s61442-112-0512pdfiepdfimage
800 mg100 s61442-113-0112pdfiepdfimage
800 mg500 s61442-113-0512pdfiepdfimage
Carisoprodol Tablets 350 mg100 s61442-451-0124pdfiepdf
350 mg500 s61442-451-0512pdfiepdf
350 mg1000 s 61442-451-1012pdfiepdf
Cefaclor Capsules250 mg30 s61442-171-3024pdfiepdfimage
500 mg30 s61442-172-0124pdfiepdfimage
Cephalexin Capsules (Discontinued)250 mg100 s61442-161-0124pdfiepdfimage
250 mg500 s61442-161-0512pdfiepdfimage
500 mg100 s61442-162-0112pdfiepdfimage
500 mg500 s61442-162-0512pdfiepdfimage
Cephalexin Oral Suspension (Discontinued)125 mg 5 mL100 mL61442-201-0124pdfiepdf
125 mg 5 mL200 mL61442-201-0224pdfiepdf
250 mg 5 mL100 mL61442-202-0124pdfiepdf
250 mg 5 mL200 mL61442-202-0224pdfiepdf
Ciprofloxacin Tablets250 mg100 s61442-222-0124pdfiepdfimage
250 mg1000 s61442-222-1012pdfiepdfimage
500 mg100 s61442-223-0112pdfiepdfimage
500 mg500 s61442-223-0512pdfiepdfimage
750 mg50 s61442-224-5012pdfiepdfimage
750 mg100 s61442-224-0112pdfiepdfimage
750 mg400 s61442-224-0412pdfiepdfimage
Clonidine Hydrochloride Tablets
0.1 mg30 s61442-321-3024pdfiepdfimage
0.1 mg100 s61442-321-0124pdfiepdfimage
0.1 mg500 s61442-321-0524pdfiepdfimage
0.1 mg1000 s61442-321-1012pdfiepdfimage
0.2 mg30 s61442-322-3024pdfiepdfimage
0.2 mg100 s61442-322-0124pdfiepdfimage
0.2 mg500 s61442-322-0512pdfiepdfimage
0.2 mg1000 s61442-322-1012pdfiepdfimage
0.3 mg30 s61442-323-3024pdfiepdfimage
0.3 mg100 s61442-323-0124pdfiepdfimage
0.3 mg500 s61442-323-0512pdfiepdfimage
0.3 mg1000 s61442-323-1012pdfiepdfimage
Diclofenac Sodium Tablets50 mg60 s61442-102-6024pdfiepdfimage
50 mg100 s61442-102-0124pdfiepdfimage
50 mg1000 s61442-102-1012pdfiepdfimage
75 mg60 s61442-103-6024pdfie pdfimage
75 mg100 s61442-103-0124pdfiepdfimage
75 mg500 s61442-103-0512pdfiepdfimage
75 mg1000 s61442-103-1012pdfiepdfimage
Famotidine Tablets20 mg100 s61442-121-0124pdfiepdfimage
20 mg1000 s61442-121-1012pdfiepdfimage
40 mg100 s61442-122-0124pdfiepdfimage
40 mg1000 s61442-122-1012pdfiepdfimage
Fluoxetine Capsules
10 mg100 s61442-151-0124pdfiepdf
10 mg1000 s61442-151-1012pdfiepdf
20 mg100 s61442-152-0124pdfiepdf
20 mg1000 s61442-152-1012pdfiepdf
Glimepiride Tablets1 mg100 s61442-115-0124pdfiepdfimage
1 mg500 s61442-115-0512pdfiepdfimage
1 mg1000 s61442-115-1012pdfiepdfimage
2 mg100 s61442-116-0124pdfiepdfimage
2 mg500 s61442-116-0512pdfiepdfimage
2 mg1000 s61442-116-1012pdfiepdfimage
4 mg100 s61442-117-0124pdfiepdfimage
4 mg500 s61442-117-0512pdfiepdfimage
4 mg1000 s61442-117-1012pdfiepdfimage
Lovastatin Tablets10 mg60 s61442-141-6024pdfiepdfimage
10 mg100 s61442-141-0124pdfiepdfimage
10 mg1000 s61442-141-1012pdfiepdfimage
20 mg60 s61442-142-6024pdfiepdfimage
20 mg100 s61442-142-0124pdfiepdfimage
20 mg1000 s61442-142-1012pdfiepdfimage
40 mg60 s61442-143-6024pdfie
40 mg100 s61442-143-0124pdfiepdfimage
40 mg1000 s61442-143-1012pdfiepdfimage
Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride Tablets
5 mg 90 s 61442-460-9024pdfiepdfimage
Meloxicam Tablets7.5 mg100 s61442-126-0124pdfiepdfimage
7.5 mg1000 s61442-126-1012pdfiepdfimage
15 mg100 s61442-127-0124pdfiepdfimage
15 mg1000 s61442-127-1012pdfiepdfimage
Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets
500 mg100 s61442-361-0124pdfiepdfimage
500 mg500 s61442-361-0512pdfiepdfimage
500 mg1000 s61442-361-1012pdfiepdfimage
850 mg100 s61442-362-0124pdfiepdfimage
850 mg500 s61442-362-0512pdfiepdfimage
1000 mg100 s61442-363-0124pdfiepdfimage
1000 mg500 s61442-363-0512pdfiepdfimage
Nevirapine Tablets
200 mg 60 s61442-470-6024pdfiepdfimage
Zolpidem Tartrate Tablets
5 mg100 s61442-231-0112pdfiepdf
5 mg500 s61442-231-056pdfiepdf
10 mg100 s61442-232-0112pdfiepdf
10 mg500 s61442-232-056pdfiepdf
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