Effective October 2023 (Download)

Carlsbad Technology Inc. (CTI) only accepts returned products to our warehouse when a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number has been issued.

The following policies are subject to state laws and regulations within the governing jurisdiction of the authorized account.

Returnable Items:

  • • Authorized, unopened, Carlsbad Technology Inc. manufacturer’s labeler code 61442, returned in the original labeled package with lot number, label and no additional markings on the bottle or the case carton.
  • • In- date products with less than 6 months remaining shelf life.
  • • Expired products are not more than 12 months past expired date
  • • Concealed damage claims made within 72 hours of receipt of the shipment, unopened and in their originally sent condition. Contact Service at service@carlsbadtech.com
  • • Products received in error or damaged in shipping (accompanied by signed bill of lading noting damage) if reported to Customer Service within 72 hours of receipt and returned within 15 days of receipt. Contact Service at service@carlsbadtech.com
  • • Products required to be returned as part of formal recall and are within the time limitations set forth in the recall letter.

Terms of Return Policy and Credits:

  • • Credit will be issued upon receipt of the Proof of Destruction.
  • • Carlsbad Technology Inc. will issue credits based upon the lowest invoice/contract price to the customer over the past 24 months or the current selling price whichever is lower.
  • • All returns will be in the form of an account credit memo. No cash refunds will be processed.
  • • Return good credit must be taken within 1 year of date of issue.
  • • Invoice deductions are prohibited; deductions must be based on the return authorization and credit memo.
  • • Carlsbad Technology Inc. reserves the right to reject claims where the total return value of the claim exceeds one percent (1%) of the previous calendar year’s customer purchases.
  • • For direct customers, a 3% (three percent) processing fee will be applied to all approved claims.

Non-Returnable Items:

  • • Unauthorized returns, products without a Return Goods Authorization Form or Storage Condition Statement.
  • • Overstock, discontinued, discounted, promotional or donated products.
  • • Products not directly purchased from Carlsbad Technology Inc.
  • • Private label, unlabeled or partially labeled, missing lot numbers and/or expiration dates or any product marked coded or altered in any fashion.
  • • Products damaged or deteriorated due to conditions such as improper storage or handling (heat, stored under improper conditions or exposed to fire, smoke or water)
  • • Products received with concealed damaged not reported within 72 hours. (See Returnable Items)
  • • Products more than twelve (12) months past the expiration date.
  • • Products with more than 6 months remaining shelf life (unless otherwise approved).
  • • Products that have been discontinued for over 1 year.
  • • Return past 60 days from receipt of Return Authorization issuance.
  • • Products, which have been recalled, but are past the time limitations outlined in the recall letter.

Third Party Return Processing:

  • • Carlsbad Technology Inc. does not accept returns from third party return processors expect for Inmar and their corporate owned processing companies.
  • • All third party processors must comply with all the requirements of Carlsbad Technology Inc. Return Goods Policy.
  • • Third party processors must provide proof of destruction for all returnable products.
  • • All returns from non-authorized customers sent to third party return processors will be refused.
  • • Carlsbad Technology Inc. will not process returns using pricing from the third party internally generated price list.
  • • Carlsbad Technology Inc. will not reimburse any service fee due to the customer of processing agent for the miscellaneous fees (i.e. handling, processing fees) or freight charges incurred.
  • • Credit will only be issued to customers who have purchased the product directly from Carlsbad Technology Inc.
  • • Carlsbad Technology Inc. reserves the right to reject any Third Party return request.

Transportation Changes:

  • • Transportation and insurance charges on all returned merchandise is the responsibility of the customer except if an exception is made and authorization is provided by Carlsbad technology Inc.
  • • Merchandise must be sent by a traceable mailing source.
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