Regulatory Advisor

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Regulatory Affairs team ensures the appropriate licensing, labeling and legal compliance of medical products in order to control the safety and efficacy of our products.


The name YungShin represents the world’s best quality, offering partners like you the peace of mind and confidence to trust Carlsbad Tech with your customer’s health.


From generics to OTCs, APIs and more, Carlsbad Tech offers a full range of products in a number of different treatment categories, and is always bringing new products to market.

Sales & Marketing

If you’re a manufacturer or a distributor looking for a market presence in the United States, come talk to us. We at Carlsbad Tech are sales, marketing and distribution experts.

Warehousing & Distribution

When you work with Carlsbad Tech you never have to worry about quality. Our cGMP- compliant manufacturing facility has temperature and air controls to guarantee product integrity.

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