FDA Approved Manufacturing Facility

FDA has created a regulatory standard for ensuring pharmaceutical quality for humans knows as the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMPs) regulation in August 2002. The cGMP initiative ensures appropriate design, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. In other words, these standards are set to make sure that all drugs meet quality standards. Additionally, FDA takes regulatory actions against drug manufacturers if they lack cGMPs. A company that is not conforming to cGMP regulations may not be FDA-approved or may even be even blacklisted. Regulatory action is carried out against such companies to prevent the possibility of unsafe and/or ineffective drugs.

Carlsbad Technology, Inc. is a cGMP-compliant and FDA approved manufacturing facility based in California. All our products are processed and stored in a quality controlled area with the use of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of our products. As an FDA approved manufacturing facility, CarlsbadTech meets FDA’s requirements for the safety and efficacy of drug products. We meticulously inspect all raw materials and test each product throughout the manufacturing cycle, carefully calibrating all our processes. All employees at our renowned FDA approved manufacturing facility receive extensive cGMP training. CarlsbadTech’s drugs and related products have consistently proven safe and effective to FDA’s satisfaction and regulatory standards.

Our FDA approved manufacturing facility has the latest equipment to control the entire manufacturing process at each step, from raw ingredient to the final product. In addition to our own high standards of manufacturing, a variety of government agencies conduct periodic inspections of our facilities, requiring strict control of procedures and documentation. Having decades of proven experience in the healthcare industry, CarlsbadTech maintains world-class quality for its products and services across global markets. For products manufactured in other affiliated facilities, Carlsbad’s QA team conducts regular audits to ensure FDA approval.

Complying with FDA regulatory standards is a necessity and is also accepted as the best way to conduct business as it puts product quality first. CarlsbadTech is one of the most acclaimed FDA-approved manufacturing facilities with certified professionals who are focused on providing the best in healthcare. Over the years, we have gained vast pharmaceutical experience and are unparalleled in the field of medical innovation and research.

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