CarlsbadTech’s FDA Health Supplement Approval Consultants

Health supplements like different vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements are in great demand today and a number of companies create dietary supplements in the United States. Getting FDA approval for dietary and health supplements can be a challenging task since legal requirements vary all over the globe. We have almost three decades of experience in current regulatory and safety issues for health supplements. Our team includes former FDA compliance and inspection officials as well as food safety and quality control experts, medical doctors and toxicologists.

Some of our key services in Health Supplement Approval are:

  • New dietary ingredient (NDI) notifications
  • GRAS (generally recognized as safe) supplements
  • Regulatory label services
  • Botanical risk analysis

Companies introducing products that contain an ingredient not marketed in the US prior to October 1994 are required to submit an NDI notification to the FDI about the safety of the product. We have vast expertise in formulating New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notifications. Our FDA Health Supplement Approval Consultants and experts can assist with NDI notifications, reviews and submission.

Our FDA Health Supplement Approval Consultants are well-versed in all aspects of product labels. We help you get compliance to FDA and other leading regulatory organizations. We can help with approvals for GRAS (generally recognized as safe) products and prepare regulatory submissions as required. Our FDA Health Supplement Approval Consultant can create the right type of evidence and substantiation documentation for Health Supplements as required by the FDA.

FDA Health Supplement Approval Consultants at our firm can review and prepare labels for your range of products. We can advise your company with all aspects of compliant labeling for health supplements and cosmetics. We offer assistance in creating innovative brochures and other marketing material for your product too.
Our consultants can carry out botanical risk assessments with the help of our skilled scientists and engineers. We have a huge network of consultants with several years of experience with FDA. Our consultant also offers assistance with import procedures and clearance of products through US Customs.
Contact us today for a quote and let us work together to make your product succeed.

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