Generic Pharmaceutical Drug Packaging

Drug packaging is an important and often overlooked aspect in today’s times. The container label is sometimes the only source of instructions on how to take medicines. The legal requirements for a prescription label are set by federal and state bodies. Generic pharmaceutical drug packaging requires that packaging and labeling should preserve the product’s identity, quality and purity. It should additionally prevent contamination and may also require child-resistant features.

Many pharmaceutical products purchased from international online pharmacies are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and may not meet US guidelines for labeling and packaging. In fact, studies show that over 85% of drug products’ packaging does not meet the US guidelines. This research has strong implications for drug product quality. It affects the patient outcomes, therapeutic effectiveness and safety of drugs.

Generic pharmaceutical drug packaging is an essential part of the drug delivery system as well as a core element of marketing the drug. Drug manufacturers face a number of challenges in packaging their products. As drug therapies become more complicated, the packaging and accompanying literature required also needs to be on par with the product. In many cases, packaging processes may involve manual assembly or elaborate procedures.

Similarly, generic pharmaceutical drug repackaging is a related process that is often difficult for manufacturers to execute. The FDA regards generic pharmaceutical drug repackaging as the process of removing a preparation from its original primary container and placing it into another primary container, usually of smaller size. Repackaging of tablets and capsules into unit-dose configurations is common practice for a pharmacy and a pharmaceutical repackaging firm. Repackaging firms are required to register with the FDA and comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Regulations in 21 Code of Federal Regulations [CFR 210 and 211]. Generic pharmaceutical drug repackaging should be carried out with strict adherence to guidelines. The approval of the supplier is also required for the packaging material used for repackaging.

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