OTC Private Label Products

Carlsbad Tech® provides private label Over The Counter opportunities for clients all around the world right from our facility in Carlsbad, San Diego and through our partners at Yung Shin LTD. All of Carlsbad Tech’s procedures comply with the highest Quality Assurance standards, exceeding Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as required by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We also offers industry insight to review and advise on product labels, ingredients, and regulatory compliance. We work with you to ensure that your product is formulated correctly and efficiently, tested to you specifications, and properly released for commercial or non-commercial use.

*For OTC Private Label opportunities, please contact Carlsbad Tech here

CategoryStrengthDosage FormOrigin
Aspirin Pain Relief100mg AsprinCapsuleTaiwan
Aspirin Pain Relief100mg AspirinCapsuleMalaysia
Non-Aspirin Pain Relief120mg Paracetamol Chewable TabletMalaysia
Non-Aspirin Pain Relief125mg ParacetamolSuppository TabletMalaysia
Non-Aspirin Pain Relief250mg ParacetamolSuppository TabletMalaysia
Non-Aspirin Pain Relief250mg ParacetamolOral Suspension Malaysia
Non-Aspirin Pain Relief500mg ParacetamolTabletMalaysia
Antacids200mg Magnesium Oxide
200mg Aluminium Hydroxide Gel (dried)
20mg Simethicone
Antacids200mg Magnesium Hyroxide
200mg Aluminium Hydroxide Gel (dried)
25mg Simethicone
Antifungal 10mg/gm TerbinafineCreamTaiwan
Antifungal 10mg/B DermafinCreamMalaysia
Allergy & Sinus Medicine10mg Loratadine TabletTaiwan
Antifungal100mg Miconazole Nitrate TabletTaiwan
Allergy & Sinus Medicine5mg Pseudophedrine TabletTaiwan
Allergy & Sinus Medicine10mg Cetirizine HCLTabletTaiwan
Allergy & Sinus Medicine150mg RanitidineTabletTaiwan
Cough, Cold & Flu325mg AcetaminophenTabletTaiwan
Cough, Cold & Flu100mg/5ml GuaifenesinOral Suspension Malaysia
Digestive Health200 mg Cimetidine / AntacidTabletTaiwan
Digestive Health50mg SimethiconeTabletMalaysia
First Aid/Burn Treatment3.5mg NeomycinOintmentTaiwan
Laxatives 10mg BisacodylTabletMalaysia
Laxatives 5mg BisacodylTabletMalaysia

DISCLAIMER*: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Customer would need to individually evaluate the statements.

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